These warning symptoms may indicate a serious illness

Эти тревожные симптомы могут говорить о серьезной болезниThese harmless signals most of us simply ignore, but in vain!

If the time to pay attention to these symptoms and seek help, the doctor can early diagnose a serious disease.

1. You forget about what you just said

Only that you enthusiastically talked, and the next moment suddenly lost the thread of the conversation. If you often forget what you were talking about, and I can’t remember what I wanted to say, this can be a serious signal.

Such a fun weakness can be a symptom of circulatory disorders of the brain or mini-stroke. And even if you for a few seconds remember, to ignore such a feature is impossible.

Be sure to consult your doctor. And be prepared for the fact that in the most critical cases you within 24 hours sent for examination of the brain. Most likely you will be prescribed medication to thin the blood and reduce cholesterol, in addition, it is very important to change lifestyle to eliminate Smoking and minimize the use of alcohol, fatty, sweet and salty foods. Is best in small portions 5 times a day, 5 times a week for 30 minutes to devote to exercise, to improve blood flow to the brain.

2. Some days you feel like something is in my eye

In a healthy person the vision must be clear, the eyes do not have to hurt, to tear, or blush. Another warning sign is the inability to see straight lines. Window or door jambs seem wavy?

This is a clear symptom of degeneration of muscle tissue, which can lead to vision loss.

Also, pay attention to the “flies” and “flash”. They often precede the beginning of a migraine, but can occur without a headache. The feeling that you look at the world through a thin tulle, is one of the first signs of cataracts. A sudden brief loss of vision or the appearance of a large “fly” that prevents you from seeing is a reason for immediate treatment to the doctor if you want to avoid complete blindness.

3. Heartburn after the meal

These discomforts are often blamed on too much food. But the reason for their occurrence can be a condition in which stomach acid enters the esophagus, causing inflammation, acid taste in the mouth and damage the teeth. Usually these symptoms worsen in the evening, they can be caused by tight clothing or sharp bends.

Most often suffer from heartburn, pregnant women and overweight people because the weight prevents the food to move in the right direction.

Constant heartburn can cause scarring, as a result of difficult swallowing and may even develop esophageal cancer. If you experience heartburn once a week or more often, do consult your doctor. Eat slowly and be prepared that the doctor will prescribe you medicines to neutralize acid, and in some cases even recommend surgery to strengthen the walls of the esophagus.

4. Drowsiness during the day

In the morning you Wake up and feel tired, even if the day before went on time, and my husband complains that you snore? The case could be sleep apnea – momentary cessation of breathing during sleep. You can Wake up with a headache, difficulties with concentration and sleep, as soon as sit down. Violation of breathing during sleep increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, strokes, diabetes, not to mention accidents and other unpleasant accidents. As soon as possible to consult a doctor. Can’t hurt to get rid of excess weight and reduce the amount of alcohol.

5. You often get the feeling that you “spent” an arm or a leg

You can Wake up with the unpleasant sensations, as in sleep was disrupted blood supply to the arms or legs. This symptom does not seem serious, but if the tingling occurs once a week or more, you should consult a doctor because it may be a sign of nerve damage. In addition, regular tingling can be an early symptom of a stroke and diabetes, but most often it signifies damage to the nerve. At risk are those who have suffered from an accident or by the nature of the activities performed on the work of constant repetitive motion. The condition can be painful, but within a few weeks, it usually goes. If you do not help drug treatment, surgery is needed.

6. The waist measurement is significantly increased

Most often the reason is banal overeating. But if bloating is accompanied by anaemia and General weight loss, it can be a symptom of diseases of the abdominal cavity, and even cancer. As soon as will be eliminated overeating and pregnancy need to be examined. If you constantly feel bloating even after a small meal I feel that I have overeaten, and also experience pain in the lower abdomen, contact your doctor as soon as possible – all this may indicate ovarian cancer.

7. The leg pain sounds like you pulled a muscle

Perhaps the reason is not physical activity, and in its absence. If the pain occurs after hours of sitting at a computer or a long flight, the reason could be deep vein thrombosis. If you have more than one and a half hours spent at office Desk without movement, the blood supply to the legs is reduced by 50%. It is considered the main symptom of DVT is redness and swelling, but actually up to 80% of patients with thrombosis complain just for the leg pain, the doctor makes an incorrect diagnosis of a sprain. In addition to stationary lifestyles, the cause of thrombosis can be pregnancy, obesity, cancer. At risk and those over the age of sixty.

8. The wound that does not heal

If the wound or zit doesn’t go away within 2-3 weeks, they definitely need to pay attention to. What at first glance looks like a normal scratch or inflammation may be the first manifestation of basal cell carcinoma. This kind of skin cancer is treatable in its early stages and occurs in men twice as often as women. Stay tuned for moles and any other growths on the eyelids, ears, scalp, back and shoulders – especially if the warm time of the year you spend much time outdoors and not using sunscreen. As a rule, basal carcinoma spreads much more slowly than melanoma. But the longer you postpone visit to the doctor, the more serious the consequences might be.

9. Cough that won’t go away

A dry cough that persists for months (and slowly driving you crazy), or persistent sore throat is another symptom that cannot be ignored. Besides, you have difficulty swallowing or have the sensation that food is like stuck in my throat?

This can be a symptom of gastroesophageal reflux (GER) is a condition in which contents of the stomach into the esophagus, causing irritation.

And in men, the risk is three times higher than in women. Other possible causes of prolonged cough: asthma, postnasal syndrome (an inflammatory process in the nasal cavity or the nasopharynx, where the mucus drains into the lower respiratory tract), lung cancer, heart disease.

10. You want all the time to drink

The constant need for water is one of the main symptoms of diabetes. Due to the disease in the blood glucose. This results in increased formation and excretion of urine and, therefore, to gradual dehydration. Because of this the body seeks to replenish moisture, and a person can drink up to 10 liters of water a day and still feel thirsty.

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