The Government Shutdown Is The Longest In US History — Here’s What That Means

On Saturday, the government was still shut down, and as a result, this government shutdown became the longest in U.S. history. Saturday was the 22nd day of the shutdown, according to The Associated Press. Previously, the longest federal shutdown had been in the mid 1990s.

The second-longest government shutdown started in similar circumstances as the current partial government shutdown. In December 1995, then-President Bill Clinton and the GOP-controlled Congress clashed on Clinton’s budget proposal’s use of projections by the Office of Management and Budget instead of the Congressional Budget Office, according to The Washington Post. The next longest government shutdown was under then-President Jimmy Carter in October 1978; it lasted for 17 days.

The New York Times reported that since 1976 the federal government has had “21 gaps in government funding” but not all have been as extreme as either the 1995-1996 shutdown or our current shutdown. While there have been two other shutdowns under President Donald Trump, one of the shutdowns during Trump’s term is almost forgettable as a result of how short it was. Congress passed a funding bill through both chambers just hours after a shutdown began, HuffPost reported.

Trump’s other major government shutdown was spurred by Senate Democrats to preserve protections for DACA recipients (Trump was not in favor). One of the other significant government shutdowns in recent memory was under President Barack Obama in October 2013, according to The New York Times. It lasted for 16 days, and was related to Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and his reading of “Green Eggs And Ham” on the Senate floor to protest Obamacare.

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